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         Now that I am in my senior years I should like to record an account of my fascinating and very fulfilled life, especially for my grandchildren.  I am now 'living history' having as a child lived through the late twenties and thirties. During the Second World War I was evacuated to Canada.  On my return I attended Medical School at Dundee and graduated from St Andrews University. I practiced Medicine for 45 years, nearly 35 of these as a General Practitioner in Bramcote, Nottinghamshire.  Sadly my husband, Dr. Nigel Colley died in 1973 leaving me with four sons to bring up.  He never lived to see his eight grandchildren for whom I wish to publish this website.  Life has to go on, and I have accomplished much in those 30 years without him.  Two years after his death I took up Scuba Diving which became an over-powering obsession and the interest has taken me to many exciting places in the world.  When I started the seas were pristine and there were many colourful fishes and corals to see.  In 1987 I obtained the files from the National Archives, the Public Record Office on my uncle, Gareth Vaughan Jones who was tragically murdered in Inner Mongolia in mysterious circumstances. I endeavoured to investigate his death and  I have published two books taken from his letters, diaries and articles which he left for posterity.  I too have gathered information about the forbears from Wales and this is worthy of collating for the grandchildren.