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The introduction to my website can be seen in the following page
  1. To navigate the site click on one of the pictures below or else its wording.  Eirian Lewis deals with her experiences in World War One, as a land girl and World War Two during the air raids.
  2. For my two books on Gareth Vaughan Jones; A Manchukuo Incident and More Than a Grain of Truth please turn to the relevant page. A short pictorial history of Gareth Jones may be seen. 
  3. As well, the reader can refer to the tragic sinking of the Earl of Abergavenny in 1805.   Other stories cover Annie Gwen Jones, my grandmother in Ukraine, Raymond Jones' heroic death on the Somme, 1916, and my father's regiment, the South Wales Borderers,  in the First World War.   Siriol's wartime evacuation to Canada in 1940 is now on the site as well as other articles of interest.
  4. My latest addition to the website is my visits to dive on the wrecks of the German Fleet in mid 1980's  in Scapa Flow


 Cwmdu, Breconshire 1937 Siriol's early recollections

The Colley Family 1972

 The Jones Family 1929

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Eirian Lewis (nee Jones)    The Lady Cowman 1917

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